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About Us

Almanac Ship Management LLC is established with the great ideology to provide technical and crew management to ship owners as an extended arm of the owner rather than a mere service provider. The company is committed to provide complete and highest standard of integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries.

Almanac ship management llc represents a new era of ship management with a one-stop management service offering all aspects of cost-effective ship management with a quality of the market highest order. Almanac believe in teamwork efforts both within and with the clients to ensure the best possible solutions to any problem on board With the team of highly motivated professionals sharing the same passion for the sea, ships & the personnel that we manage.

Our aim is to provide professional service with an emphasis on Almanac’s core value- safety and environment protection. We take cost effectiveness to a completely new level while maintaining the best quality services as we continuously anticipate changes in the maritime world.

Advantage of ALMANAC

Almanac has a concise company policy and is committed to offer integrated ship management and other marine services with emphasis on safety, pollution prevention and providing a high standard of services at the most effective reasonable cost to owners.

  • We do not compete with those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. our focus is ‘creating and delivering value’ for your vessel and its management.
  • The company has at its disposal, professional manpower, both ashore and at sea, operating to internationally recognized quality management standards.
  • Our people–shore & shipboard personnel/crew support
  • Strict budgeting & cost control
  • Proactive technical supervision
  • Zero tolerance safety, environmental and quality culture
  • Dedicated ship owner client focus (Tailor made to meet Customer Requirements)
  • Strict QHSE and D&A Policies
To provide advanced integrity driven ship management services to the maritime industry and offer the same to our clients with integrity, transparency and the highest possible efficiency as per their requirements and needs.

To assist responsible clients in achieving their business objectives through our professionalism, cost effectiveness, dedication and enthusiasm. To deliver all cargo carried on its managed fleet on time, in the safest possible manner, protecting the marine environment and ensuring the safety of the company’s seafarer and public at large.

Almanac’s Vision & Mission is our company’s universal benchmark.

  • We understand our customers and proactively meet their needs
  • We value and respect each other, build relationships and work as a team
  • We care for the environment and are committed to its protection
  • We are committed to safety